Department of Civil Engineering

The civil engineering department provides a learning environment through which students learn the art of department and sustainability in:

Land resources
Remote sensing
Infra-structure development
Water resources

The department has well qualified faculties, excellent infra-structure and lab facilities with modern equipment.

Department of Civil Engineering

This Laboratory is established with Sieves, Hydrometer, Liquid and Plastic limit apparatus, Direct shear apparatus and Field density measuring device.

Concrete and Highway Engineering Laboratory

This Laboratory is established with UTM-400kN Capacity, Vee-bee consistometer, CBR apparatus, Los angels abrasion testing machine and Marshall stability apparatus.


1. Computer Aided Building Drawing Laboratory.
2. Strength Of Materials Laboratory.
3. Survey Laboratory.
4. Soil Engineering Laboratory.
5. Environmental Engineering Laboratory.
6. Concrete and highway Engineering Laboratory.
7. Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory.


Total number of text book and reference book - 700
Total number of project reports - 100
Total number of survey camp report - 50

Environmental Engineering Laboratory

This Laboratory is established with Oxygen analyzer, Spectrophotometer, Ion selective electrode, Flame photometer, Turbidity meter, COD analyser and Jar test apparatus.