Department of Science and Humanities

The department of Science and humanities function from the year 2009 and it comprises the well-resourced and dedicated faculty members who are working towards the needs of the first year students. They are chiefly responsible for teaching basic engineering subjects.

The department consists of the following subjects:
Technical English
Engineering Physics
Engineering Chemistry

Technical English classes deal with the writing practice, pronunciation, building vocabulary and communication skills through language laboratory. By teaching Mathematics we provide the computing ability, knowledge of various equations in calculus, various quantitative methods and motivate our students to gain specific knowledge of higher mathematics. Through the engineering physics subject we introduce the concepts and theory related to their basic understanding of various phenomena related to physics and how to use these ideas in different fields of engineering & technology. Usage of wide range of materials for different purposes such as construction in general, Generation and Transmission of Energy, Fuels and Lubricants, are taught through the engineering chemistry subject. Our experienced faculty in all disciplines is outstanding in bringing innovative techniques to make our students better in ability, attitude and skills by applying practical exposure of basic science to enhance their technical ideas. We conduct Quiz programs regularly from all disciplines to inculcate the knowledge around the world. The members of the faculty evince a keen interest in paper presentation at seminars, publication in reputed journals and pursuing research to enrich their academic profile.